R & R builders, the best construction company in Thrissur, Kerala which holds the experts in this field for your dream home come true. We deal with all types of construction services in Thrissur. We are the best house construction companies in thrissur . Our construction services include;

• Real Estate Consultation
• Site Analysis and Selection
• Incentive Availability Studies
• Contact with Local Government
• Investment Analysis & Budget Planning
• Environmental Regulation Study
• Requirements Study
• Project Development Scheduling

Top construction company in thrissur

R&R builders is one of the established construction companies in thrissur,kerala. We completed various infrastructure development projects across Kerala.

Let’s discuss one by one starting with real estate consultation. R & R builder’s real estate consultant plays a notable role in the process of purchasing and selling properties in Thrissur also they provide their client with value-added services like asset management etc. Top construction companies in thrissur . Site Analysis and Selection involves the estimation of the site linked to the development plan, environmental impact, influences on the community and nearby properties, project budget, etc.

We deal with incentive availability and local government thus properly obeying Kerala Municipal Building Rules and Kerala Panchayath Building Rules. Investment Analysis & Budget Planning department gives you the detail idea of budgeting, forecasting, and analytical processes based on the investment. Requirement study deals with the requirements needed for the construction works include the study on the different components for construction and its amount, its time, etc. Best house construction companies in thrissur.. Project Development Scheduling deals with Timing and Sequence of Project Activities which includes monitoring and handle project activities, assess you how much time delays will impact the project, tracking project progress, etc

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