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A spectacular and beautifully constructed masterpiece by the R&R architects in Thrissur district, The Bungalow. This residential home project is a result of absolute luxury and modern architectural design. The most striking advantage of this luxurious home is the construction marvel itself. It is visually appealing in both exterior and the interiors, more specifically the interiors are really a visual spectacle. Located at a serene suburban area, the two storey luxury living space has been constructed by R&R architects with the recommended tools and as per the industrial norms. A striking future modernistic design with golden yellow appealing colour contrast. The outer boundary wall evenly blends with the home with unique black and golden yellow colour pattern. It consists of an open space car porch with a glass ceiling reinforced with steel frames.

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A lavish masterpiece constructed differently from traditional architectural styles by the R&R architects in Thrissur. This luxurious two storey residential construction gives more emphasis on modern architecture and modularity. On the exterior, the structure is built using reinforced cement concrete in the ratio 1:2:4. Filter M sand and OPC grade 53 cement is used for the construction R&R architects has an innate flair for color, spatial arrangements, architecture and texture. Our expert architects have a deep knowledge on the complexity of design, the structural integrity of buildings, building codes, ergonomics, spatial concepts, ethics, psychology, computer-aided drawing (CAD) and much more.



Since the house involves extensive wood components, Teak wood is used for the doors particularly the front door, windows and shutters. Only authentic high-grade Teak wood is used so as to provide a rich feel of luxury and finishing. For all the indoor doors, ready-made Taiwan doors have been used. PVC moulded doors are used for the bathrooms. For the staircase, SS handrails have been used to provide the supporting rail.


The exterior and interior walls and even the outer boundary walls all have been given two coats of putty before coating the paint. An emulsion is applied for both the exterior and interior walls. Melamine polishing has been applied for the front door to give a glazing finishing touch. All the wood and metal surfaces have been given a protective coating by enamel paint.


Only the best quality tiles are used for this luxurious home. For the glazing and beautiful flooring, Vitrified glazed tiles have been used. For the bathroom flooring and anti-skid ceramic tiles of size 30×30 cm are used and for the wall tiles, 30×20 cm glazed tiles are used.


The kitchen and the work area are completely designed with the concept of modularity. The cabinets both in the kitchen and work area are all modular components. There are provisions for water purifier, mixer grinder and an oven in the kitchen.

The Bungalow Project – A masterpiece by the R&R architects in Thrissur

Owning a house is definitely a matter of pride and an asset for lifetime. R&R builders, the leading architects in Thrissur offers a sophisticated spectrum of living in line with your expectations of a dream home. We are not only the top architects in Thrssur, but also the best builders and developers that you can trust…..promises you a safe and happy living. Our experience in creating best living spaces, which gives all the comfort of a good home brings us the reputation that we enjoy today. We assure the construction of houses, interior designing and many more breath-taking facilities. R&R architects has successfully completed 20+ custom luxury home projects at Thrissur. We set out to create a niche in the construction industry around 28 years back. Since then there was no looking back for us. R & R Builders invite you to enjoy the luxury of living in our signature class & sophisticated living spaces blooming in Trichur and Ernakulam. We have successfully delivered 45 projects serving around 1700 families.
What makes The Bungalow much special is the interior segments that are extensively crafted with wood. The colour pattern in all the interior segments is given a golden hue. The perfect blending of all segments that includes ceiling, floors etc are given matching colour patterns. Our architects has designed the living room, an iconic space with the ceiling that has multiple pinpoint lights that resembles a night sky. Also, the sofas blend perfectly with the overall surroundings.
The excellence of quality is our trademark, and each completed projects by R&R architects scream about it. A desirable feature is a unique walkway that connects the dining room and ends at the base of the grand golden wood staircase encased black tinted marble steps. What’s more appealing is the ceiling that allows maximum penetration of sunlight and the big beautiful chandelier hanging right above on the 2nd floor.
R&R architects in Thrissur flaunts the aesthetic stroke of professionalism in all our projects, which only an expert can offer. The houses and the interior designs are manufactured on the most modern concepts of engineering without losing the essence of Kerala’s traditional architecture. The walls in some areas most notably, the dining room, sidewalls of the walkway are given tints of blue, brown and are designed with utmost perfection. This is truly what is achieved when both luxury and artistic creativity both merges as a single entity.
R&R architects in Thrissur welcome you to enjoy the fascinating awesomeness of living in your dream home so close to all you needs. Our architects do believe that a builder has many social responsibilities. The process of construction of building is not a sheer business. It is a fusion of imagination and creativity with utmost commitment. We also have to contemplate the situation of our mother earth and R&R architects try our best to make environment friendly buildings. The secret of our success lies in accomplishing these responsibilities – to our customers and to our planet.

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